CNN Host Gives Assessment On NYC Case

Fareed Zakaria, a CNN host, stated Sunday that the recent criminal charges against former President Donald Trump in New York City were a politically motivated attempt to hinder the Republican party’s front-runner.

While Democrats and mainstream media outlets have tried to discredit President Trump for years, those efforts have backfired, only energizing his base. And now, as the election approaches, their actions only boost Trump’s popularity even more.

Zakaria touched on an important factor that many polls and so-called “experts” have repeatedly overlooked—Donald Trump’s resilient support. Despite constant attacks and negative coverage from the left, Trump clearly has a rock-solid base that stands with him.

This was evident when Trump secured a majority of the swing-state votes and continued to lead among crucial demographics. Even more concerning for the Democrats is that Trump’s opponents in the primaries have largely vanished, demonstrating that the party’s opposition to the former president has faded.

Additionally, the ongoing trials against Trump will only boost his popularity. His constant making of headlines, thanks to eager Democrats pressing charges against him, only serves as a reminder to the nation that Trump is still a force to be reckoned with. The accusations against him only stir up further support and disdain for the left, who are making it clear that their vendetta against him knows no bounds.

Zakaria also pointed out that a majority of Americans do not believe that Trump will receive a fair trial, according to a recent CNN poll. This is hardly surprising, considering the constant media coverage portraying him as a criminal. It is becoming increasingly evident that this is all a part of the Democrats’ scheme to tarnish Trump’s name before the upcoming election. They know that they cannot beat him fair and square at the ballot box, so they are trying to discredit him and make him a political martyr.

In assessing the current state of American politics, it is clear that Democrats, and even some Republicans, are terrified of Trump’s unwavering support and are willing to do anything to undermine him.

However, the reality is that their efforts have only amplified Trump’s influence, with many viewing him as a victim of political persecution. As Election Day approaches, only time will tell if their efforts will backfire, resulting in another term for the 45th President of the United States.