CNN’s ‘Truth Detector’ Brian Stelter Spreads Fake News Then Gets Caught Trying To Delete Report

CNN’s “truth detector,” Reliable Sources host, Brian Stelter was caught spreading fake news and was humiliated.

During the violent riots in Washington DC, Stelter rushed to Twitter to accuse a conservative writer of spreading flash information that the historic St. John’s church was on fire in DC. Stelter claimed that the church wasn’t on fire because it wasn’t being shown on TV.


Stelter quickly responded, “What’s your source? Live video of St. John’s does not show obvious fire.”

The reporter, Daily Caller’s Katrina B. Haydon, responded that she was watching it live on Fox News — but Stelter didn’t take her word for it.

“You can see the church on your TV, right? No sign of smoke or fire at the church. Small fires across the street. Your tweet is going viral, and it’s not accurate,” Stelter responded.

What really happened was St. John’s was on fire, the parish house chich contains the church offices and parlors connected to the church was ablaze. The basement that is used for childcare during church service was also torched.

Stelter deleted the tweet, continued to insult the conservative journalist and claimed he was a victim.

You can almost hear the angry humiliation in his post.

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