Complete Morons: Hollywood Shows Just How Stupid They Are With Their Comments After Trump’s Address

Hollywood celebrities once again proved that they are complete morons after the President’s address and it shows just how stupid they are.

On Wednesday evening the President announced that the US is going to suspend all travel from Europe to the US for the next 30 days to try and slow the spread of the coronavirus. This is similar to the President’s action earlier this year restricting travel from China, that move was also criticized by the Left, however, it has now been proven to be one of the most effective measures taken to date.

The President address to the nation was empowering, he said, “We’re all in this together. We must put politics aside, stop the partisanship, and unify together as One Nation and One Family.”

Hollywood didn’t get the message, Rosanna Arquette was the first to go after the President claiming, “his Psychosis has become normalized this is more dangerous than ever the evil empire must blue no matter what.”

“At this point, we’re objectively better off ignoring this address. Zero trust. Zero transparency. Zero clarity. Every time he speaks on this he drenches himself in toxic self-interest. Disastrous. What’s the point in fooling ourselves? This is dangerous now and always has been,” wrote “Westworld” star Jeffrey Wright.

So does this mean he’s going to stop washing his hands? Because that’s gross.

Patricia Arquette wrote, “Trump is admitting right now it is a Pandemic and claiming that he had initiated the swiftest response.”

Comedian Kumail Nanjiani is apparently blind and deaf and questioned the idea of banning travel between the US and Europe. I guess he didn’t hear the German Chancellor project her country may see infection rates up to 70% and hasn’t heard of the country Italy and what’s going on there lately.

“Supergirl” star Jon Cryer retweeted a call to have Trump resign from office.

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