Corner Statement Throws Gas On Fire Over What Happened In The Death of The Obama DHS Whistleblower

The coroner for the Amador County Sheriff’s Office in California confirms what we thought about the death of Philip Haney who blew the whistle on Obama.

The coroner’s office criticized “misinformation” about the death saying that it was “extremely premature and inappropriate” to think this was a “suicide.”

The coroner said:

Unfortunately, there was misinformation immediately being put out that we have determined Mr. Haney’s death to be a suicide. This is not the case. We are currently in the beginning phase of our investigation and any final determination as to the cause and manner of Mr. Haney’s death would be extremely premature and inappropriate. No determination will be made until all evidence is examined and analyzed.

This investigation is still active and will be ongoing

The coroner contradicted a statement that came from the Amador County Sheriff’s office claiming the death was from an apparent suicide by a “single, self-inflicted gunshot wound” to the chest, prompting news outlets to report the former DHS official’s demise as a suicide.

In another new development, the FBI has now gotten involved and is helping authorities with the investigation. The coroner said:

We have reached out to our law enforcement partners in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to assist in analyzing documents, phone records, and a laptop that were recovered from the scene and Mr. Haney’s RV. We are currently in possession of his vehicle, the firearm located at the scene, and his RV and we will be requesting evidence processing assistance from the FBI on those items as well.

Our investigators conducted a neighborhood canvas and interviewed his RV park neighbors on the day of the incident along with checking key areas for any video surveillance that may exist from that time.

In 2016, before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Haney proved that the DHS ordered him to delete hundreds of files of people related to Islamist terrorist groups. Haney said that the data could have prevented several US-based terror attacks from happening.

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