Coronamoron! PA Gov In Epic Contradiction Berates & Warns Residents…Same Guy That Called Business Owners ‘Cowards’

The stupid continues as the coronavirus pandemic is turning into the controlavirus lockdown. Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf, has once again managing to look like a complete moron as he warned residence fleeing his state for the holiday weekend for states that are free. Not only was his warning nonsensical he contradicted himself sounding like a complete moron.

Governor Tom Wolf doesn’t want PA residents to leave the state, instead, he wants them to stay home and cower to his authoritarian rule. The few things he “lets” you do, you must worship and thank him for his generosity. Well, residents have had enough and neighboring states have opened their beaches. Wolf warned residents that they better not even think about going to the beach because “you’re putting yourself at risk.”

Wolf, said that people shouldn’t engage in outdoor activity, why? Because “some people aren’t wearing masks.”

“I wouldn’t go to the beach. There are people there who aren’t wearing masks and you’re putting yourself at risk,” he stated.

He was furious that Maryland and New Jersey have decided to open their beaches.

“I wouldn’t do that, I haven’t done that, and I’m not sure why the governors of Maryland and New Jersey have opened their beaches, but they have,” he added.

Philadelphia Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley is begging residents to just sit home and not go to the beach.

“Don’t go to the beach. We’re not recommending people go to the beach this weekend,” he stated. “It is true that being outdoors is probably less risk than being close to people indoors, but if you go into crowds anywhere, there’s risks.”

In an epic contradiction that is what Wolf has encouraged Pennsylvanians throughout the lockdown order that started in mid-March – the Philadelphia area was put under a state at home order mid-March, the rest of the state April 1st – encouraged residents to go outside. The state even opened the trout fishing season a week early to try and keep people happy. When the weather started improving Wolf allowed marinas and boat ramps to open.

We know the virus dies when exposed to UV light, some have even theorized that’s why southern states and California have experienced fewer coronavirus cases then states in the northeast. The beach is the one place where people can spread out and oh, by the way, take in UV light (it’s the big bright thing in the sky Tom called the sun).

Pennsylvania’s are smart they know where not to go and that’s a nursing home because that’s where PA Governor Tom Wolf policies caused 70% of all coronavirus deaths.

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