COVID Craziness: Taking Your Kids For A Walk Could Result In A Fine Unless You Follow The Guidelines…Leftists Are Going Mad

C.C Pecknold is a professor and he was complaining that it’s rediculous his community was regulating how many people could walk on a sidewalk making it difficult for him and his family of five to walk outside.

Pecknold was commenting that Arlington County, Virginia has banned groups of three or more people from gathering on streets and sidewalks.

“While most Arlingtonians are adhering to requirements to wear masks and maintain social distancing, unfortunately, some are not,” Arlington County Board Chair Libby Garvey said. “They are putting themselves and our community at risk of serious illness or death during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

So if you are with your family and you are plus three you could be issued a traffic fine of up to $100 for walking outside together.

Jim Swift, who is a leftist disguised poorly as a Republican lectured Pecknold on how to properly walk with his children down the street.

First of all, Swift does realize they all live in the same home, so what does it matter how close or far apart they are from each other outside. What’s more important is that as a group they use social distancing from others as they walk down the street.

Second, the fact that we are even talking about this is ludicrous. Liberals are regulating how many people can down the street, this is freaking AMERICA!!

Feel free to protest, burn, loot, and throw incendiary devices into a courthouse but don’t you dare walk four abreast down the street. I now understand why shampoo bottles have warning labels that say “do not eat.” It’s for people that regulate how many people can walk down a street.