Coward: Pelosi Reverses Course, Will Continue To Hide With Ice Cream Instead Of Congress Returning To DC…Meanwhile Grocery Store Workers Continue To Work

While President Trump continues to work for the American people in Washington, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Democrat leaders have decided that they are going to continue to hide with their ice cream.

House majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said leadership made the decision this week at the advice from the Capitol physician.

We will not be meeting next week,” Hoyer told reporters. “The House physician’s view was that there was a risk to members that was one he would not recommend taking.”

“So under those circumstances, we have decided that we will not come back next week, but we will come back very soon to pass the [next] piece of legislation. And at that point in time, we will be asking members to return to Washington,” Hoyer said.

Despite the Democrat’s cowardice to return to the capital Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that if it is essential for grocery workers to work than the Senate will do their job as well. The entire Senate will return as scheduled on May 4th.

Most in Congress are in the high-risk category for succumbing to the coronavirus however, leaders must lead from the front and that is something the Democrats don’t do. Democrats prefer to lead from death and destruction to implement their policies.

As essential workers like grocery store workers, truckers, railroad workers, public safety officers, nurses, and doctors go to work, there are the Democrats hiding with their $13 a pint ice cream in a freezer that cost more than what most people make a month.

Meanwhile, Republicans in the Senate are getting to work despite the dangers of the coronavirus. The capitol physician didn’t seem to have a problem with the Senate coming back. McConnell is right, if truckers and nurses are working so should the United States Congress.

The Hill