Crass Comedian Kathy Griffin Runs Head First Into Elon Musk – Hilarious! – Watch

Twitter just keeps getting better and better, it seems that Elon Musk has the Midas touch. He just went up against radical comedian Kathy Griffin and left her in the dust.

People are no longer getting banned from social media platforms, sarcasm is back against journalists, and the rules are being applied evenly.

Musk took heat from a whole bunch of people for changing the way verification will work on Twitter. Griffin tried to lash out at Musk over this by stealing someone else’s joke on the issue. She attempted to impersonate Musk in protest of the paid verification program, but she did not know the terms of service and it backfired. 

Griffin has used the platform for years as a personal playground with no consequences. In fact, that is where she showed the picture of her holding a bloody, decapitated head meant to be Donald Trump. 

She might have felt untouchable, but Musk quickly showed her otherwise. 

Musk decided that he wasn’t having it with Griffen, and he created a new directive that if you impersonate someone, you will get a permanent suspension. 

“Going forward, any Twitter handles engaging in impersonation without clearly specifying “parody” will be permanently suspended,” Musk wrote. 

And if you go to Griffen’s Twitter site, you will see that it has been suspended. 

The left has been used to having people responsible for the rules look the other way, but not anymore. Griffen just became one of the people who are completely defined by a blue checkmark running into the brick wall made of Musk.

Maybe she could clean up her act and find a place over with Trump on Social Truth. Wouldn’t that be ironic? Or maybe it is time for Ms. Griffen to just face away into irrelevance. Her days of stealing jokes should just be over.