Cruz Keeps Cleaning Up the Swamp…He Had His Way with FBI Director Wray – Watch

FBI Director Christopher Wray is facing the music because whistleblowers have come forward to give details about the FBI politicizing cases like Hunter Biden and domestic extremism.

Wray testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday and senators were able to ask a variety of questions about how fair the FBI has been in recent months. 

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said he believed the FBI has been completely politicized and that it began under former President Barack Obama. He said that it is even worse now under President Joe Biden. And he challenged Wray about not being willing to root out the problems.

Cruz went toe to toe with the FBI Director over the symbols that they have determined are indicative of violent extremism. These include the Betsy Ross flag, the Gadsden Flag, and the Gonzales Battle Flag (Come and Take It). 

Cruz maintained that all those flags were patriotic symbols of our country. Both Obama and Biden were sworn in under the Betsy Ross flag.

When Cruz started talking about the Gonzales battle flag, he took off his boot and smacked it on the table in front of Wray. The Texas senator said that he was going to report himself because he wore a Gonzales Battle Flag on the back of his boot every time he wore them in the Senate.

Wray took a cowardly way out and simply said that he did not know about the list and couldn’t comment on it. 

Cruz wasn’t done. He went after Wray over the way they are handling the Gretchen Whitmer case. He asked what had been done to address the behavior or discipline any of the FBI involved in that case. 

Once again, Wray evaded answering the question. 

Trump may not be in office, but the swamp is still being cleaned up by senators like Ted Cruz.