Crystal Ball Shows Likely Results of 2024 Elections – Looks Good!

There is a new report regarding the 2024 elections that has been released and Democrats are already beginning to shake in their boots. It is going to be an uphill battle in the race to control the Senate, 23 of their current seats are hanging in the balance, according to the University of Virginia Center for Politics’ Sabato’s Crystal Ball.

The Republicans only have 11 seats up for grabs in the next cycle of elections, according to the same report. 

The report gave estimates on what is likely to happen, it revealed that the GOP would secure 50 seats while the Democrats would hold just 47. There would be three states in a toss-up: Ohio, Montana, and West Virginia. These states became deep red states during President Donald Trump’s reelection attempt in 2020. 

The following states are also going to be open for a Republican win: Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. President Biden won by very small margins in these states. 

The 11 states that Republicans have to try and defend are considered to be in a “safe” category by the report. This is due to the decreasing likelihood that voters will be open to a Democratic senator. 

Kyle Kondik, the managing editor of the Crystal Ball, told the press that while control of the Senate is a “toss-up,” Republicans have the easier road and this will be even more so if they win the presidency. 

“[Republicans] do not really have any truly challenging seats of their own to defend, and two, they have three targets (Montana, Ohio, and West Virginia) in states that the Republican presidential candidate is likely to carry,” Kondik stated. “Presidential and Senate results have become more and more correlated in recent years, and Republicans don’t even have to win all three of those races to win — they just need one if they win the White House, or two if they don’t.”

No wonder the Democrats are shaking.