‘Cuomosexual’ Hollywood Elites Have Egg On Their Face, Silent After Cuomo Bombshell

Celebrities like Chelsea Handler, Ellen DeGeneres, and Cher declared they were “Cuomosexual” praising the New York Governor for his handling of the pandemic.

Now, they are silent after New York’s Attorney General announced that Governor Andrew Cuomo violated state and federal laws.

The investigation discovered some very disturbing behavior.

Where are all the celebrities now?

Let’s turn back the clock shall we…

March 31, 2020…

We will not forget the chorus of celebrities that sang Cuomo’s praises when he accepted his Emmy Award for his coronavirus press conferences.

Ellen DeGeneres (who has troubles of her own) declared she is “Cuomosexual.”

“Can I say that I am a Cuomosexual?” she said. “We know that that’s going around, that people are saying they’re Cuomosexuals?”

The governor replied: “Yeah, I think that’s a good thing.”

Three time Emmy winning actor, Randy Rainbow professed his love for Cuomo on April 6, 2020.

These are the same people that called many “conspiracy theorist” for investigating the lab leak theory and party with Obama maskless during a pandemic.

This is why Americans are tuning out Hollywood, they are done with this type of nonsense.

We aren’t going to let these virtue signaling celebrities off the hook.

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