Dana Loesch Tears CNN’s Jake Tapper Apart And It Was Fun To See

CNN’s Jake Tapper is shallow and petty he got so upset with Dana Loesch he unfollowed her after she, “fell out of my good graces.”

Dana Loesch explained that after the CNN Stoneman Douglas High School town hall she criticized CNN and fell out of Tapper’s good graces and he unfollowed her. Welp, she did it again…

The snobby shallow man did it again. Loesch posted, “Lame. We always had a cordial relationship. He unfollowed me yesterday; he did once before after I criticized the townhall’s award. He made it clear that if I am to be in his good graces I’m not allowed to mention the horrible way his network treated me. Not how this works.”

Then Dana went on an epic tear…

She kept going…



Dana isn’t the only one, Christian and founder of Pureflix was also unfollowed because he dared to criticize the network.