Day After CDC Announcement Biden Jumps Into Crowd Giving Maskless Hugs

A day after the CDC announcement for vaccinated people to wear face coverings indoors Biden traveled to Allentown, PA to pretend he’s Trump.

Biden announced a new federal rule that products “Made In The USA” will now need 75% of domestic content.

After giving remarks Biden went out into the crowd maskless, hugging some of the people in the crowd.

Biden also delivered some really weird remarks at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Biden suggested that America could get involved in a “shooting war” with a major power because of cyberattacks.

As Biden concluded his speech he asked for permission to leave (tell me Biden doesn’t think for himself without telling me Biden doesn’t think for himself).

The Administration is also trying to take another go at COVID passports by renaming them European-style health passes.

Tucker summed it all up nicely.