Defund The Media: NYT’s Reporter Post 100% Fake Photo To Influence Georgia Election

New York Times reporter, Charles Finch posted a fake photo to influence the Georgia runoff happening in Georgia.

Finch posted an image of a mansion and wrote, “Staring in total absorption at Kelly Loeffler’s house.” The image Finch posted on December 6th was an actual mansion. The post went viral in left-wing social media circles.

The mansion is not Senator Loeffler’s home however, notice the number of comments, likes, and shares the post got; it was complete disinformation.

Once Finch was caught a day later, he didn’t apologize he simply made a joke and pointed out that Loeffler owns 5 homes.

The New York Times is a total joke, the newspaper is literal trash. From the 1619 project to this kind of disinformation the paper has lost all credibility. Also, notice that not one of the wizards of smart fact-checkers from twitter labeled the post disinformation. But, Twitter will censor the New York Post over Hunter Biden in a flash.

The media will post fake news about Loeffler but they won’t report on this…

It just so happens that the mansion posted by Finch is Steve Harvey’s. The mansion was purchased by Harvey this year, it was originally the home of Atlanta movie mogul Tyler Perry.

Tyler Perry sold the 35,000 square foot home in 2016 for $17.5 million, it was the “most expensive residential sale in Atlanta history.

The seven-bed, home with 17 acres of manicured lawns and a 70,000-gallon infinity-edged swimming pool was sold to Harvey from David Turner. According to the real estate site Turner, who is a former businessman turned evangelist who made it fortune manufacturing dried fruit and nuts sold the home for $15 million.