Dem Backtracks after Trump Remark

New York Democratic Congressman Daniel Goldman is facing backlash for a comment he made about former President Trump over the weekend. The congressman, who previously served as counsel for the House Intelligence Committee during the first impeachment trial of Trump, sparked a social media firestorm with his controversial statement.

During an interview with President Biden’s former press secretary Jen Psaki on her MSNBC show, Goldman expressed his belief that Trump “cannot see public office again.” He went on to say that the former president is “unfit” and “destructive to our democracy” and that he “has to be eliminated.”

The comment quickly drew criticism from conservatives on social media, with many pointing out that Goldman was using the same kind of “dangerous rhetoric” that he was accusing Trump of. Radio host Mike Ghallager posted on X, “Sometimes they slip and say the quiet part out loud.” Pro-Trump operative Alex Bruesewitz also commented on X, saying, “I hope Speaker Johnson censures this nut job!!!”

Goldman’s remark also caught the attention of Trending Politics co-owner Collin Rugg, who posted on X, “By using his own ‘logic,’ Goldman should never see public office again.” Others, including Twitchy Managing Editor Sam Janney, didn’t accept Goldman’s clarification and accused him of only walking back his comments because he was being held accountable for his words.

In response to the backlash, Goldman issued a statement on X, admitting that he had used the wrong word and apologizing for his “poor choice of words.” He clarified that while he believes Trump must be defeated, he does not condone political violence and wishes no harm to the former president.

The Trump campaign also weighed in on Goldman’s comment, with spokesperson Steven Cheung stating, “Democrats have been calling for violence against President Trump and his supporters since 2016.” He added, “This is not new or surprising rhetoric.”

Goldman’s controversial statement comes as tensions remain high in the aftermath of the Capitol riots on January 6. Democrats have called for Trump’s impeachment and removal from office, citing his role in inciting the violence at the Capitol. However, some have criticized the push for impeachment, arguing that it could further divide the country and cause more unrest.

As the country grapples with issues of political division and the aftermath of the Capitol riots, it is important for leaders on both sides to choose their words carefully and avoid using language that incites violence or further divides the nation. Goldman’s comment serves as a reminder of the responsibility that comes with holding a position of power and influence, and the need for strong and respectful political discourse.