Dem Congressman Claims President Trump Gave ‘Permission To Attack’ Asian Americans

Democrat Congressman Ted Leui (who tweets more than former President Trump ever did) is blaming Trump for attacks on Asian Americans.

Anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “Can you just describe the connection between the smear uttered so many times by the former president, we lost track, but repeated this week in an interview on Fox News, describing the coronavirus as the ‘China flu” or the ‘Kung flu.’ What happens after that? What happens after all of his millions of supporters hear that and their frustration and anger builds about the lockdowns or the other challenges of the pandemic? What happens with those kinds of smears?”

Lieu said, “I was at the House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on violence against Asian-Americans, and we had professors present studies and reports that showed there was a link between the racist rhetoric of the former president and the increase in hate crimes and hate incidents against Asian-Americans. When the former president uses terms like Kung flu, racist terms in describing this virus, it gives people more permission to attack Americans who happen to be of Asian descent. I am not a virus, and there is really no evidence whatsoever that Asian-Americans somehow transmit this virus more than anybody else. In fact, you’ll more likely get the virus if you don’t get vaccinated, in you don’t wear a mask and if you don’t social distance.”

What Lieu didn’t address was the attacks being launched against Asian Americans from the left, which are well documented.

Independant Journalist, Andy Ngo who has exposed Antifa was forced to flee the country over threats he received from far left extremists.

It has also been uncovered that the far left San Fransico school board leaders have also attacked Asian Americans.

Below may also put a dent in Lieu’s narrative…

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