Dem Gov Still Imposing Lockdown Restrictions Lectures Residents To ‘Find Jobs’ (VIDEO)

I don’t even know where to start with this one…

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf who’s nursing home policy was to blame for over 65% of the coronavirus deaths in his state had the audacity to tell residents to “get a job.”

The state of Pennsylvania is mostly under the green phase which still has strict coronavirus conditions. In the Philadelphia area due to rising cases, the city has halted re-opening because and is in a hybrid yellow/green phase. Also, due to the rising coronavirus case numbers – that aren’t really rising – two weeks ago the governor closed bars and nightclubs.

During a visit to a Pennsylvania CareerLink (state-run job finding center) in York county near his home the governor urged people to “find jobs instead of relying on unemployment.”

Pennsylvania’s current unemployment rate is 13% and was put under lockdown in mid-march. The south-eastern portion of the state that includes Philadelphia did not see restrictions ease until early January.

This is also coming from the same governor who’s Department of Health head took her own mother out of a nursing home before the pandemic struck. The nursing home policy of the governor resulted in needless deaths and hindered counties from being able to ease restrictions.

As of the writing of this post 7,176 people died in Pennsylvania, 5,413 of those deaths were people over the age of 70. Of those under the age of 59 only 799 people sadly passed away as a result of the coronavirus.

Wolf also blamed Washington Republicans claiming the need for fixed-wage incomes.

“The point is… that it’s a good time to think about what a family-sustaining wage is, and what a good job is,” Wolf said, adding that in his opinion the Republicans’ starting offer on the pandemic assistance is insufficient.

“There are just too many jobs that aren’t paying enough. And maybe when we started hearing complaints from some folks that six hundred dollars a week was actually encouraging people to stay on unemployment compensation and not go back to work, that should have sent a signal, a message, that maybe we ought to pay more.”

Until the pandemic, we had the best economy this country has ever seen. If Tom Wolf wants people off unemployment then maybe he should follow suit as others states and remove the restrictions.

Tom Wolf is one of the nation’s worst governor’s.

Pennlive | ABC 27