Dem Internal Report To Help Rebound Joe Shows They Are In Deep Trouble, ‘The President’s Decline Is Alarming’

No, they aren’t talking about the fact that Joe can’t remember what he had for breakfast. The report details the decline in Biden’s approval ratings. What’s even more shocking is they aren’t sure they can bring them back up.

Politico is reporting that the Democrats conducted some internal polling with their voters to find out where things went wrong and the results put them into a panic.

It isn’t the virus’ resurgence alone that’s hindered Biden. While Afghanistan and the border have largely faded from the news cycle, polls show they contributed to his slide, especially in how voters judged his competency in the job. In Georgia, Democrats said they remained confused and upset by Biden’s decision-making on Afghanistan, migrants at the border, and the intraparty feuding around his economic agenda. “Disappointed” was a word used by most of the Black and white voters who spoke to POLITICO in the metro Atlanta area when describing Biden’s time in office. But none said they were prepared to abandon Democrats in 2022 and 2024.

Sylvia Bernstein, a 71-year-old Biden voter from Atlanta, said Biden had “made horrible mistakes,” particularly on Afghanistan and refugees. “And now this budget that he’s trying to pass — $3 trillion — I don’t see that happening,” said Bernstein, who is white. “And I don’t think he’s gotten much support from other Democrats. Everybody seems to be floundering around.”

Biden needs more than a legislative win, those are expected when your party controls congress and the Democrats have yet to pass a bill.

If you take a look at the chart from Real Clear Politics, Biden’s approval began to tank when he went after Florida’s handling of the coronavirus and started to crater during the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

On top of that Americans aren’t happy about the situation at the border and do not like the vaccine mandates being pushed by the White House.

The problem is Biden seems to believe he’s smarter than everyone else and is doubling down when he should be reversing course.

Biden is pulling down the party, the question is how long is the DNC going to let him. Pay close attention to the governor race in Virginia, if Terry McAuliffe loses it will be interesting to see how the DNC responds.

Joe Biden is ruining Americans lives, but watch the video below, it will warm your heart. Watch the reaction when a mother tells her child they won a court battle stopping a mask mandate.

There is pushback out there.

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