Dem Panic: They Just Royally Messed Up In Florida & Are Worried About Fallout Around The Country

Look no further than what has happened in Florida to explain why Democrats are trying to take over elections, because of their policies they lost the state.

During the fall election Democrats got their clocks cleaned in south Florida turning the state a solid red instead of purple. On top of that, Florida residents were turned off by Democrats gaslighting over Florida’s response to COVID.

Democrats lost the state and they only have themselves to blame. Those on the left wishing to retake the state are in a panic because the Democrats have already screwed up their response to the uprising in Cuba.

In his first comments about the unrest Biden said the protests in Cuba were about COVID and had nothing to do with democracy. The images and videos coming out of Cuba contradict everything Biden said.

In mass, Republicans have called for Biden to give assistance to protestors however the Democrats have a communism problem. They are so busy trying to install socialism they left most of the different hispanic communities behind. Cubans, Venezuelans, and many from Central America that have come to the country are fleeing the policies they fled. Which explains why we are seeing hispanics from all different communities support Republicans.

This isn’t just a Florida problem for the Democrats this is a nationwide problem and why they are trying to pass HR 1 and take over elections.

In Texas Democrats have started to lose strongholds especially in border towns because of the crisis the Biden Administration caused. The Democrats are losing, they are in a panic, and they are getting desperate. Which is one reason why they have lawmakers fleeing to DC, they are getting desperate because they can’t win based off their policies.