Dem Pres Candidate Does A Major Flip-Flop & Wants To Remove English As The Official Language of The USA

During a campaign stop Democrat presidential candidate Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) said that English should no longer be the official language of the United States of America, even though while in the Senate she voted to affirm the English as the language of the USA.

During a stop in Las Vegas Klobuchar said that she has “taken a strong position against” the English-language amendment, which she supported in 2007.

“I think that when you look at a state like this state, and a country like ours that is so diverse, you don’t want to have that provision in law because then it would be very difficult to have, say, government documents and other things translated into other languages,” she said Friday.

“So that is not a position I take. I did vote that way, but way back then, along with many other people,” she continued.

Klobuchar has flopped on just about every policy having to do with immigration since the Democrat presidential race has come to Nevada. Not only did Klobuchar support English as the language of the USA but, she also supported the border wall and E-Verify to stop employers from hiring illegal aliens back in 2006.

The Associated Press reports:

Klobuchar was one of 17 Democrats to support a 2007 amendment that would have reversed President Bill Clinton’s executive order requiring federal agencies to provide materials in languages other than English. It passed 64-33, but the larger immigration bill died.

Klobuchar joined other moderate Democrats and Democrats from red states, like Montana Sen. Max Baucus and North Dakota Sen. Kent Conrad, in voting yes. Among those who voted no were 2020 candidates Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont, and Joe Biden, then a senator from Delaware. Barack Obama, then a senator from Illinois, and Harry Reid, then a senator from Nevada, also voted no.

Associated Press