Dem Senator Threatens Conservatives, Says There Will Be A Wrath’ If Cheat By Mail Doesn’t’ Isn’t Funded

Failed Democrat primary presidential candidate Senator Amy Klobuchar is threatening conservatives if vote-by-mail is not funded in the next coronavirus bill.

During an appearance on MSNBC with Al Sharpton Klobuchar warned of a “wrath” if Republicans don’t get on board.

“We’ve got to get this done in this next package to get funding to the states so that you don’t have that situation where people in garbage bags and homemade masks are standing in line in the rain like we saw in Wisconsin while the President of the United States could simply request a mail-in ballot from Palm Beach, Florida, and vote in the luxury of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” she said. “Everyone should have that right, and we should also use this funding to make sure polls are open 20 days in advance and that we train a new generation of poll workers. We must make this election safe for Americans. And the president can say what he wants.

“The people are with us, Al,” Klobuchar continued. “They’re with us in swing states in North Carolina and in Iowa. They’re with us in states that understand that with Republican governors, as well, everyone — no matter what your political persuasion — you should be able to vote safely. And so, it’s going to be wrath on my Republican colleagues if they do not allow for some funding to make sure that Americans can vote safely. Our state and local governments don’t have the money right now around the country, and that’s what’s going to be this big fight coming up in this next legislative package. We have to protect our very democracy.”

Notice how she slid in the line, “They’re with us in swing states in North Carolina and in Iowa.” She knows that cheat by mail will help the Democrats try and steal the election in November.

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