Democrat COVID Craziness Backfires, The Fear They’ve Created Is Disqualifying Mail In Ballots

The Wuhan Virus hysteria created by the media and Democrats has backfired, and now it is resulting in mail-in ballots being rejected.

Gallup released a survey showing that Democrats are really afraid of the coronavirus and do not wish to return to normal anytime soon.

When it comes to worrying about getting the virus 77% of Democrat men and 80% of Democrat women are afraid. Only 20% of Republican men and 29% of Republican women are worried about getting the disease. The survey revealed that only 5% of Democrat men and 3% of Democrat women are “ready to return to normal activities.” Compare that to 64% of Republican men and 54% of Republican women are ready to get on with life.

You’ll also notice that Democrats avoid public places (unless they live in Portland and want to burn the city) and we’ve been told that a record number of Democrats will be voting by mail this year. It’s no wonder, the coronavirus scares them to death but, that fear is causing mail-in ballots to be rejected.

Democrats are disinfecting their ballots and it’s ruining them.

Elections officials in California are telling voters to stop disinfecting their mail-in ballots.

“Voters do not have to worry about contracting COVID from their mail-in ballots,” said Courtney Bailey-Kanelos, Registrar of Voters in Sacramento County.

Officials told KCRA 3 that they have received at least 100 ballots that were damaged by disinfectant or alcohol spray. They also reported that a voter microwaved their ballot to try and get rid of the germs.

“We understand if for the outgoing white envelope that you get that maybe the mail service carrier may have touched, you want to kind of hold that aside for 24 hours,” Bailey-Kanelos said. “Everything inside the pink return envelope, the ballots themselves, they have been inserted by a machine weeks ago, so they are safe.”

Election officials have said that they will not process any “spoiled” ballots and are trying to get new ballots issued to those that are ruining them.

How funny would it be if President Trump won California not because the state overwhelming supported him but that Democrats ruined their mail-in ballots over the hysteria created by the media?

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