Dem Officials & Congressman Turn On Biden Over Immigration Policy, Says Administration ‘Threw The Baby Out With The Bathwater’

A Texas Democrat border sheriff, state representative and Us Congressman are hammering the Biden administration claiming that his border policies have resulted in an increase in drownings as an unprecedented amount of immigrants try to cross the Rio Grande. 

“I think it’s driven by the lack of this administration addressing immigration issues,” Sheriff Martinez said in a radio interview with The 830 Times in San Angelo, Texas. “In my opinion, when this administration came in, they threw the baby out with the bathwater, and they didn’t have a policy in place, and now they’re struggling to catch up, and from what I’m seeing, they’re not being totally factual as to what they’re doing with these immigrants.”

Martinez made the comments after he reported that in the last two months as least six migrants have drowned. 

“Last year, we had a total of two all year long, and one child that was never recovered,” the sheriff explained.

Sheriff Martinez is also concerned about the amount of migrants bringing COVID into his county. 

“For example, they say that they’re testing them for COVID, but that’s not really happening unless they’re showing symptoms, and the Border Patrol is just too busy,” he said. “There are just too many immigrants to process and not enough personnel in the field to go after these little groups that are getting away.”

“This loss of life is very sad, and I wish this administration, both sides, would get together and come up with something that’s effective for everyone. They’re putting that burden on the border, on the citizens of our community. We’re dealing with it on a daily basis, and there’s not enough being done,” Sheriff Martinez concluded.

In February, Texas State Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa (D) complained about how many migrants were being released without being tested for the coronavirus. 

“(Border Patrol agents) were just dropping them off at the bus station without testing them. Obviously, that’s very alarming to all of us in that they’re coming from Central America and through Mexico and to be released into the United States without being tested for COVID is really unconscionable,” Senator Hinojosa told a local news outlet.

US Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-TX) has also criticized the Biden Administration and said they are being dishonest. 

Cuellar told Fox News: 

I can tell you this, those numbers of people that are being released, they’re purposely withholding that information. They’ve been told not to withhold that information. I now know that they’re bringing people from McAllen over to Laredo, processing them in Laredo, and they’re going to release them in my community. … I’ve seen this before, don’t let the local communities know what you’re doing where they’re starting to bring people in from the valley, process them in Laredo, release them at a bus station. And, again, I’ve seen this before in the past.

Biden owns what’s happening at the border, there was no crisis until he took office. 

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