Democratic Judge May Gag Trump…Go Ahead, Make His Day – Watch

It looks like former President Donald Trump is getting ready to deliver a speech on Tuesday night that will address his recent indictment. But if a Democratic New York judge has his way, Trump will be given a gag order. 

According to some reports, Trump’s lawyers have been made aware that the judge handling the case may preempt Trump from speaking about his indictment. This gag order from the judge may be made public on Monday, the day before Trump’s arrest in Manhattan.  

This move would be one more layer of absurd in this case of a former president being arrested for allegedly financial mismanagement. 

If the gag order comes to fruition, no doubt Trump will be enraged. The gag order would come with penalties if not kept, there would be fines and even possible jail time. 

If the judge follows through, it would stop the former president from speaking about the case in public, and there would be no fundraising to be done based on the case. 

That would bring a major shift to the plans that have been made for Trump’s campaign for the 2024 presidential election. 

The other side of the coin is that anything out of the ordinary that is done to Trump may in effect help him in the election. The more he is seen as a victim of politicizing the situation, the more his base will rally to his defense. 

It is also possible that Trump’s not being able to speak could be helpful in the sense that his mouth is sometimes his greatest foe. 

This has been especially true with the words he decides to post on social media. 

Trump is facing criminal charges, so all of his words around this case matter, and the stakes are quite high. It may be best for Trump to be silent for a time. 

Trump’s base loves for him to turn the heat up continuously, but he is facing the possibility of jail time. 

I’m guessing Trump’s lawyers would not be opposed to some quiet time.