Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna, the Only Democrat to Condemn Twitter’s Suppression – Watch

You know the old adage, “politics makes some strange bedfellows?” Well, that is certainly the case with Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif) and Twitter’s CEO Elon Musk. 

Khanna appeared on CNN’s “Outfront” program on Monday and was interviewed by CNN anchor Erin Burnett. She was asked about Musk’s release of the first set of “Twitter Files” last Friday and the fallout that has happened since. 

If you did more than a quick scan through all of the information that was released from Twitter, you came across a significant email from Rep. Khanna. He actually stood up for free speech and expressed his opinion that Twitter deliberately suppressed the New York Post’s story on the Hunter Biden laptop in October of 2020. Khanna simply said that it was wrong from a First Amendment standpoint. 

According to other journalists, Khanna was the only Democratic lawmaker in all of the responses who took this stance. All the others responded with agreement on Twitter’s decision and position. 

During the CNN interview, Khanna stood behind his original position and comments and he said that the “liberal Democrat” should be for the “principle of standing up for First Amendment speech.”

Here is his whole comment to Burnett, “Erin, what surprised me is that Twitter made the decision in the first place to censor. Look, liberal Democrats should be for the principle of standing up for First Amendment speech. And ‘New York Times’ Sullivan said: we want speech to be open, uninhibited, wide ranging.”

He went on to note that he understands that Twitter is a private sector but they are really a modern public town square. He said it was disappointing to him that they were suppressing The NY Post story. 

Finally, a Democrat with the courage to stand up for the principles their party has championed for years. And to think, he was the only one.