Democrats Are Already Scared About a Third Party Ticket in 2024, Here’s Why

It seems with each day that passes at the end of 2022, we pick up steam heading toward the 2024 presidential race for those all-important 270 electoral votes. 

Donald Trump was the first Republican to announce that he will throw his hat in the ring again for a second term, and Joe Biden has unofficially announced that he will announce after the holidays. For the time being, he is going all over the country spouting off about the “successes” of his administration. 

Those in the know are now speculating about what other Republicans will step forward to challenge Trump. And some of the Democratic sides are looking at a possible third-party ticket that could include both a Republican and a Democrat. 

This possibility has many on both sides a little scared. 

There is a scenario being put out there by “Third Way,” a liberal organization “that champions modern center-left ideas.” 

Details about this scenario were shared with “Axious” writer Alexi McCammond, who said that Democrats are “alarmed by 2024 bipartisan spoilers.” 

McCammond wrote that the report gives details about the huge failures of past political efforts and warns that it has created the danger of an emerging outsider candidate. 

“If a third-party candidate blew past historic precedent and managed to win enough Electoral Votes to keep any candidate from getting to 270, then the outcome would be decided in the House of Representatives, which is controlled by Republicans and where Donald Trump would prevail,” the report says.

The report also argues that a third-party ticket that did not have an “R” or “D” by the candidate’s names would pull votes away from the party that is now in the White House. And both parties have masses that are dissatisfied with the rank and file within their party, and those voters may lean towards a “bi-partisan/non-partisan” ticket. 

History shows us that third-party candidates do not win the White House, even if they do well early on in the campaign. So what would be different in 2024?

If Trump is the GOP nominee, according to the analysis by “Third Way,” his voters are “stickier.” They will stay with him much more so than Biden’s votes will. And if enough of those non-sticky Biden voters — and disgusted independents — decide to go for the third party, Bide and the Democrats could be in real trouble.