Dems Are Crafting Bill To Purge MAGA Supporters From Holding US Government Positions

Democrats are crafting a bill called the “Security Clearance Improvement Act of 2021,” the goal of the bill is to target MAGA supporters or any position they don’t agree with.

The bill will ban all skeptics of all Official Narratives from ever occupying a senior US government position. Those who disagree with the governments position would be unable to hold many positions in the State Department, Defense Department, and many would be unable to get government contractor jobs.

Below is a portion of the bill:

MODIFICATION OF STANDARD FORM 86 TO IN5 CLUDE QUESTIONS REGARDING AN INDIVID6 UAL’S MEMBERSHIP IN, OR ASSOCIATION 7 WITH, ORGANIZATIONS SPREADING CON8 SPIRACY THEORIES REGARDING THE GOV9 ERNMENT AND PARTICIPATION IN THE AC10 TIVITIES OCCURRING AT THE UNITED 11 STATES CAPITOL ON JANUARY 6, 2021. 12 (a) IN GENERAL.—Not later than 60 days after the 13 date of enactment of this Act, the Director of the Office 14 of Personnel Management shall modify section 29 (relat15 ing to associations) of Standard Form 86 (commonly re16 ferred to as ‘‘SF–86’’) to include the following questions: 17 (1) ‘‘Have you ever been a member of, associ18 ated with, or knowingly engaged in activities con19 ducted by an organization or movement that spreads 20 conspiracy theories and false information about the 21 United States Government?’’. 22 (2) ‘‘Did you participate in the activities occur23 ring at the United States Capitol on January 6, 24 2021, or in any similar activity?’’.

It is being explained that Trump rallies are considered “similar activity.”

Standard Form 86 is part of questionnaire used for national security eligibility determinations, it is also the same questionnaire used by the military.

The purge has already started, Mark Ibrahim, a DEA agent has been suspended for “being near the Capitol protests when they occurred. Ibrahim was off-duty with his family attend Trump’s speech, march to the Capitol however, never crossed a barricade. As a result of exercising his 1st Amendment right he was stripped of his national security clearance. Ibrahim was not been charged with a crime nor is he under investigation.

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