Dems & Journalists That Praised Facebook For Censoring Trump Now Petrified After Social Media Giant ‘Cancels’ ALL Aussie News Organizations

Oh the irony.

Democrats and the media praised organizations like Facebook for censoring conservatives, shutting down Parler, and banning President Trump. “Facebook is a private company, they can do what they please,” they said. Well, those on the left now are petrified after Facebook just “canceled” all news organizations in Australia in response to a new law being debated. 

Facebook announced that it has blocked Australians from viewing and sharing news because of a proposed law that would make digital tech companies pay for journalism. News organizations can continue to publish news on Facebook but people inside Australia will not be able to share links or see posts. 

The Australian Parliament is debating a law that require Google and Facebook to make deals to pay for Australian news. Google reached a deal with the government on how it will display news in the future however, Facebook just shut them down. 

Now members of the media who worshiped Facebook for banning Trump are worried. 

Below is Democrat Congressman from Rhode Island, David Cicilline, who on November 4th, 2020 called for President Trump to suspended on social media respond to the news about Facebook banning Australian News publishers.

Below is reporter, Zach Carter who writes for the very liberal Huffington Post, who is now very concerned about Facebook’s power.

CNN reporter, believes what Facebook did to Australia was “very Orwellian.”

Writer for Newsbusters, Dan Gainor put it best:

CBS News