Dems Risky Business…GOP Can Win One for the Gipper

Politics are risky business…but the game the Democrats are playing with Trump-endorsed candidates seems to be a hail Mary play.

Example A…Guess who helped the Maryland gubernatorial nomination of state Delegate Dan Cox? The answer is the Democratic Governors Association. They aired an ad for about three weeks before the recent primary praising conservative values of Cox. 

He was running against a more moderate GOP candidate, Kelly Schulz. She was a member of retiring Republican Gov. Larry Hogan’s Cabinet and she had his endorsement.

The risky Democratic strategy was to help Cox win the GOP nomination because he will be a weaker candidate in the general election in Maryland in November.

This happened a couple of months ago in Pennsylvania. Attorney General Josh Shapiro, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee, ran ads promoting state Senator Doug Mastriano who resides on the far-right. Shapiro would obviously like to face him in the general election this fall.

And in Arizona, the state Democratic Party is attempting to boost the chances of former news anchor Kari Lake. She has said that she would not have certified the 2020 elections results and has Trump’s endorsement.

Is this strategy worth the risks for Democrats? There was a lesson to be learned in 1966. The Democratic campaign for the re-election of California Gov. Pat Brown helped to raise awareness for a political novice because they assumed that they could beat him handily in the general election. That novice? Ronald Reagan.

He went on to win the governor’s seat, the White House, and the hearts of America, turning the nation back to the right. 

So go ahead and roll the dice, Democrats. Go ahead and make your risky business moves. We’ll be waiting at the voting booths and hoping to win another one for the Gipper.

This memory should warm your heart and raise your hopes!