Dems Stunned After Another Purple State Takes A Hard Right Turn

The tide is changing in another traditional purple state that has usually voted for Democrats during national elections.

In the past, Nevada Republicans are usually competitive in statewide elections however Democrats usually dominate the political landscape.

Political forecasters are singing a different tune noting that Nevadans are voting differently after the pandemic, the 2020 presidential election, and the failed policies of Joe Biden.

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, up for re-election, has been labeled “one of the Democrats’ most endangered incumbents.”

Her likely opponent is Adam Laxalt, a former state attorney general whose grandfather was a governor and senator of Nevada. Laxalt is firmly ahead of all other Republicans in the primary and Democrats are worried about the general election.

Additionally, the Cook Political Report has rated all three Democrat House seats up for election a “tossup.”

Many of these Democrats like Rep. Susie Lee barely won in 2020 and now that Democrat policies are crushing the country they are in big trouble.

There’s also some political drama going on as well.


Representative Steven Horsford, whose district stretches from northern Las Vegas to the middle of the state, could also be in trouble. In March, his wife, Sonya Douglass, popped up on Twitter to say she would “not be silent” about the decade-long affair he has admitted to having with Gabriela Linder, a former intern for Senator Harry Reid.

Douglass criticized his choice to “file for re-election and force us to endure yet another season of living through the sordid details of the #horsfordaffair with #mistressforcongress rather than granting us the time and space to heal as a family.”

Linder hosted an “audio memoir” of the affair under a pseudonym, Love Jones, called “Mistress for Congress.”

After Horsford responded to her first series of tweets, Douglass wrote: “This statement is worse than the first from May 2020. The lies never end. Let’s pray @stevenhorsford comes to grips with reality and gets the help he needs.”

Horsford’s likely opponent is Annie Black, a state lawmaker who was outside the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

It’s no wonder Democrats are attempting all kinds of shenanigans during the Republican primary in Nevada they are about to get their clocks cleaned.