Dereliction Of Duty: VP Harris Ignores Invitations, Is MIA On Border Task

Vice President Harris is failing as the new Biden border czar and is refusing invitations from border states to visit the border. 

Arizona Attorney General mark Brnovich invited Kamala Harris to visit the state and he hasn’t heard back. 

“I guess if you were a philosopher you would say no response is a very loud response because we’ve not received any response,” Brnovich said in a Fox News interview on Thursday. He said the purpose of his invitation was to make the VP “look into the eyes of people being smuggled across the border, being exploited by the cartels and realize this is a humanitarian crisis on so many levels.”

Brnovich continued, “It’s not fair to the migrants that think they’re being promised things, it’s not fair to the people—the hardworking taxpayers of this country who are going to have to subsidize and pay for health care and child care and other social services for these migrants.”

The reversal of Trump era policies has caused a massive uncontrollable surge at the border and the Biden administration has done little to curb the flow. 

Spokesperson for the vice president, Symone Sanders said that Harris has no plans to visit the southern US border “in the near future.” 

Rep. Steve Womack (R-AR) is demanding Harris to come to the border and see for herself what is going on.