DeSantis Comes Out Swinging…He’s Not Yet Begun to Fight!

Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis just declared that he has only “begun” to fight. That is some pretty bad news for his Democratic rivals in the Sunshine State gubernatorial election in 2022, Nikki Fried and Charlie Crist. 

DeSantis got a crowd of 5,000 people riled up at Turning Point USA’s 2022 Student Action Summit on Friday in Tampa. 

Even as the Florida governor walked on stage, the crowd was standing, screaming and cheering. His presence filled the room in a way that very few leaders can. 

DeSantis has put himself in a position to be the hope for the future for many Americans. And he has become public enemy number one for the left. 

He challenged his people, the Florida right, to get ready for the battle ahead of the November midterms. That’s when he promised, “I’ve only begun to fight!”

DeSantis told the crown that like many in America, Florida has faced considerable challenges over the last several years. He mentioned COVID, the Biden border chaos, Critical Race Theory, gender ideology, inflation, and many more. 

He won the crowd by taking a shot at President “Brandon.”

“In times like these, it’s not enough to just be right on the issues. Because in times like these, there’s no substitute for courage. You got to have the courage of your convictions to be willing to stand up against the media. You got to have the courage to stand up against things like cancel culture. You got to have the courage to stand up to the woke mob. You got to have the courage to stand in the way of the Brandon administration,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis believes that the Republicans are on the way to thoroughly beating the Democrats in November. 

He closed by telling his people to be “ready for the battle,” and that they needed to “put on the full armor of God.”

While the crowd cheered, DeSantis cut loose: “We are just getting warmed up. I have only begun to fight. I’m standing my ground, walking the line all the way to the finish line, and I can tell you this: with your help, and everybody behind us, there is no doubt in my mind that come November, we are going to keep the state of Florida free.”