DeSantis: ‘I Will End’ Illegal Immigrant Issue In Texas – You’ve Got to See This!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has responded to a Daily Wire report on illegal immigrant development in Texas, saying that he will “end this” if he is elected president.

The issue is focused on a land developer in Texas who has created an expansive settlement north of Houston where thousands of illegal immigrants are believed to have settled.

The Colony Ridge development, in Liberty County, Texas, is a sprawling community that is now over 60 square miles and nearly the size of the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Its population is estimated to be anywhere between 50,000 to 75,000, and it is growing rapidly thanks to a marketing plan targeted at Texas’ Hispanic population.

“How have we gotten to a point in this country where we are permitting and facilitating sprawling developments to house thousands of illegal immigrants who have broken our nation’s laws?” DeSantis wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. “Weak, spineless leaders. Our national sovereignty is at stake. We must stop excusing inaction at the top. I will end this.”

The Daily Wire took a survey of the development by helicopter to assess the true extent of its growth. The flight began in the wealthy Woodlands neighborhood, but it was only minutes before the massive homes and pools transitioned to half-built homes, dilapidated trailers, and heaps of trash.

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, a Republican, said on Tuesday that he plans to ask Governor Greg Abbott to convene a special legislative session to address concerns about Colony Ridge.

“Once I get a little more legal foundation on this to see what we can do, I am going to ask Governor Abbott to address some of these issues in a special session,” Patrick said after he was asked about The Daily Wire’s report on Colony Ridge by Texas radio host Michael Berry. “We can’t have entire cities of people who are here illegally with basically no law enforcement, in some cases I’m told no running water, it’s a very dangerous place to be. This is not what America was built on. This massive complex of people here illegally creating their own city north of Houston, it’s just unacceptable.”