DeSantis Shocks With Idea As SCOTUS Weighs Trump Case

Florida Governor and potential 2024 GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is causing waves again with his latest remarks about blocking President Biden from appearing on primary ballots. Speaking to reporters following a campaign event in Iowa, DeSantis revealed that he is looking into ways to keep Biden off the ballot due to what he called an “invasion of 8 million” immigrants at the southern border.

DeSantis, who has been a vocal critic of the Biden administration’s immigration policies, cited the recent surge of illegal border crossings as justification for his plan. “You could make a case — we’re actually I’m actually looking at this in Florida now. Could we make a credible case that Biden, because of the invasion of eight million?” DeSantis said.

The Florida governor also referenced the ongoing legal battle over whether former President Trump can be barred from state primary ballots. The U.S. Supreme Court recently agreed to hear the case after a Colorado high court ruled in favor of an effort from Republican and unaffiliated voters to block Trump from appearing on primary ballots.

DeSantis, who has often touted his support for Trump, said that while he disagrees with the idea of barring candidates from primary ballots, he believes it is important to fight back against Democrats using the same tactics. “I don’t believe in fighting with one hand tied behind your back. Whatever the rules are applied to us, we’re going to fight back and play the rules the other way,” DeSantis said.

However, DeSantis clarified that he does not plan to wait for the issue to be resolved in court and is exploring whether Florida can take action on its own to keep Biden off the ballot. “You know, we’ve got a better way forward. We’re not going to have to worry about those issues. And then when I become president, I’m going to be able to address all the lawfare and all the weaponization, and we’ll be able to end this stuff once and for all,” DeSantis said.

The governor’s remarks have already caused a stir among both Republicans and Democrats, with some praising his tough stance on immigration and others criticizing his willingness to challenge the legitimacy of a sitting president. Democrats have accused DeSantis of fear-mongering and using divisive tactics to gain political points, while Republicans have largely rallied behind his efforts to secure the border and protect the integrity of the election process.

It remains to be seen how this latest controversy will affect DeSantis’s political future, as he continues to be a top contender for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. Some speculate that his tough stance on immigration and willingness to take on Biden may help him solidify his base and gain support from more conservative voters. Others argue that his controversial comments could hurt his chances, as some moderate and independent voters may view his actions as extreme and divisive.

As the 2022 midterm elections approach, it is clear that immigration will remain a hot-button issue, and DeSantis’s stance on the matter will likely continue to make headlines. Many are eager to see how this situation will play out and whether DeSantis will follow through on his promise to fight against what he sees as an “invasion” of immigrants and a threat to the integrity of the election process.

Fox News