Video Of Bolton Emerges & Will Trample Democrats Hopes

A video was just posted by radio talkshow host and Fox News contributor Mark Levin that has dismantled John Bolton’s book claim that the President was strong-arming Ukraine.

In August 2019 when Bolton was still a member of the Trump Administration and after the July call between President Trump and the leader of Ukraine, John Bolton gave an interview with Radio Free Europe. During the interview, Bolton mentioned both phone calls that President Trump had with the Ukrainian Prime Minister and Bolton was very cordial. If the Administration was trying to strong-arm Ukraine Bolton sure had a strange way of showing it. 

This video is the exact opposite of what the New York Times claims is in John Bolton’s book manuscript. Most feel as do I that this is a “hail mary” designed by the Left to prolong the impeachment trial in an attempt to further damage the President.

House Democrats made little effort to call John Bolton as a witness and as President Trump said “Why didn’t John Bolton complain about this nonsense a long time ago, when he was very publicly terminated. He said, not that it matters NOTHING!”

President Trump is correct why didn’t he speak up when the House was interviewing witnesses? John Bolton could have walked into Schiff’s office anytime he wanted.

President Trump was right when he said that the Democrats will never be satisfied.

This is literally the same play the Democrats made during the Kavanaugh hearings on the 11th-hour there is a bombshell, the liberal media starts frothing at the mouth,  the star “witness” is motivated by money, and it’s followed by no evidence. This process is “rinse and repeat” for the Democrats.

Here’s the video my favorite line was both calls were “warm and cordial”: