‘Diaper Spa’ Shocks Residents In Small Community

A controversial “diaper spa” has sparked outrage in a small New Hampshire town, with fearful residents voicing concerns over the safety of their community. The spa, known as “The Diaper Spa,” has caused a stir with its “ageplay-friendly, adult diaper spa” that caters to those with a sexual fetish for diapers.

Residents of Atkinson, a town with a population of only 7,000, are up in arms over the spa’s services, which include “virtual playdates” and all-day “premier spa experiences” for those who enjoy wearing diapers and acting like babies.

Many locals are worried about the spa’s close proximity to a children’s park, with parents expressing fear that their children will be exposed to clients with sexual fetishes and possibly even pedophiles. One mother, Kayla Gallagher, told The Eagle-Tribune that she will no longer let her children play at the park because of the spa’s presence.

“It has come to our attention that this business is advertised to individuals whose sexual fetish involves childlike behaviors. This business, per their website, has advertised our town playground to their potential clientele. Thus their sexual fetish will involve the town park where our children play. In light of these concerns, we urgently request the town reject any business and zoning licenses and applications for this business,” the petition posted to Change.org on January 28 reads.

But spa owner Dr. Colleen Ann Murphy, who claims to be a board-certified integrative medicine physician and sexologist, insists that her spa is a “safe and judgment-free zone” for individuals who have had traumatic experiences involving diapers.

Despite her claims, many locals are not convinced. A petition has been started urging Atkinson officials to reject any business and zoning licenses for the spa. The petition alleges that the spa’s services involve children’s activities and could potentially attract sexual predators to the town park.

But Murphy denies these allegations and says that her services do not include public trips to the park. She also claims that all clients are screened through the National Sex Offender Database before being accepted for appointments.

Murphy also insists that her spa is not meant to cater to “perverts” and that the ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lover) community is diverse and includes individuals with unique needs. She says that her services primarily focus on those who see the lifestyle as a “physical or emotional necessity rather than entertainment.”

Still, residents remain skeptical and worry about the impact the spa could have on their community. Some worry that it could attract unwanted attention and potentially harm the town’s reputation.

Kayla Gallagher stated that she is concerned because the spa is close to a children’s park and fears it caters to clients with a sexual fetish, “That is something that I will never be willing to expose my kids to, so now we will no longer be able to use that park,” she told the paper, according to Boston.com.

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