Did Biden Do It Again? Come On Joe!

There’s got to be a way to help President Joe Biden remember exactly who he is and what his job title is. Maybe a permanent marker on his palm…a tie clip that says “I am the president?”
The president once again didn’t get his job title right. This time it happened during a meeting with General Motors CEO Mary Barra. The meeting had to take place virtually because Biden is still under lockdown from his multiple bouts with COVID-19.
While he was talking about how he couldn’t buy an electric Corvette, the president once again referred to himself as “vice president.”
“I must admit…I’ve spoken to the chairwoman about the possibility of my being able to buy one of those Corvettes that are electric vehicles you know when they come out,” he said. “I’m not going to be able to do it because I can’t drive a vehicle while I’m vice president.”
Biden caught himself in the gaffe, so he quickly changed it to, “while I’m president.”


The president makes more than his share of gaffes, but this one keeps coming back again and again. He can’t get his position right and he has also gotten Vice President Kamala Harris’s job wrong.
Several times, Biden has referred to Harris as president.
He gets senator and president wrong too.
Recently, he called himself the first U.S. senator from Delaware when he meant to say, president.

This last mistake is just one more Jenga cube pulled from the tower of his presidency. It will all crash soon.
A majority of Democrats now say it is time for a new candidate in 2024, according to a recent New York Times/Siena College Poll.
Biden insists he will run for re-election in 2024, but who knows if it will be for the office of president, vice president, or senator.