Did Karine Jean-Pierre Just Refer to Herself Like This? Watch

Karine Jean-Pierre, the new White House press secretary, has been quick to promote herself as a “historic figure” who “cannot fail.”

Jean-Pierre did an informal interview with Gerren Keith Gaynor, and she referred to herself, as well as the Biden administration, as “historic.”

“This is a historic administration. I’m a historic figure, and I certainly walk in history every day,” she said.  The interview write-up also highlighted how Jean-Pierre gave the outlet “a sit-down interview highlighting her historic role for Pride Month.”

Gaynor’s write-up highlighted some words of encouragement from then White House Press Secretary Ron Klain:

“The France-born daughter of Haitian immigrants says she understands the importance of her role – one that some say is the hardest job in the White House outside of the presidency itself.”

“Ron Klain, the former chief of staff, used to say to me, ‘You have the hardest job in this building,’” recalled Jean-Pierre, who said it can often feel like having the “weight of the world” on her shoulders when she goes to the briefing room podium. “It is not for everyone,” she added.

The write-up for the interview also said: “The day in the life of a White House press secretary can be hectic. Jean-Pierre often spends hours preparing for briefings with her team of 12 staffers and Biden-Harris administration officials to craft messaging to White House reporters and, by proxy, the American people. Part of her job is also going straight to the source when necessary.”

“I also have to sometimes go directly to the president and say, ‘Hey, Mr. President, what is it you want me to say’ on this particular issue,” said Jean-Pierre. “Or just listening to him and [hearing] what he thinks on various items that [are] important to the American people.”

She also said in another interview with April Ryan that “I cannot fail” and “it’s not an option.”