Did This Really Happen in Biden’s Last Speech? Watch

President Joe Biden held an event on Sunday evening with New York Gov. Kathy Hochul that once again left people just scratching their heads wondering what just happened. 

Democrats are panicking in the blue state of New York, Hochul is just not supposed to be losing to Republican candidate Lee Zeldin.

It looked like Biden was scared silly by something on the platform that no one else could see. He seemed genuinely afraid when he shouted, “It’s black,” and gave no further explanation. 

One Twitter uses played with the idea that Biden was scared by his own shadow and quipped, “Great. Now we’re getting 6 more weeks of recession.”

While at this same rally, Biden used his tired and worn out “deer in kevlar vests” line. It is apparent that none of his handlers have the guts to tell him how silly he sounds. 

Biden: “What comes out of the muzzle of an assault weapon is 5x quicker faster than what comes out of the muzzle of another gun. It compares kevlar vests, there are not a whole lot of deer out there wearing kevlar vests.”

What “another gun” is he talking about? Somebody should tell the president that the right to bear arms was given for something a whole lot more important than hunting. The Second Amendment was about ensuring the ability of individuals to own guns, organize, and protect themselves, including from a tyrannical government. 

Maybe the worst part of Biden’s speech did not have to do with senility or worn-out phrases. It’s what Biden had to say on the heels of promising to shut down all coal-fired power plants in the country. Ever since Biden’s handlers have been trying to convince the public that he is pro-energy. That seems pretty important for election day. 

Maybe the thing that was “black” that scared Biden is the forecast of the midterms.