Disgraced Christianity Today Editor Excuses Theologian That Had Appalling Morals

Now that we have been reprimanded by Christianity Today Editor Mark Galli who wrote that President Trump should be removed from office and that Christians who support the President are sinners, it appears that Mr. Galli has some questionable morals himself. 

Despite the fact that Mr. Galli ignored the fact that 99% of evangelicals support the President, he slammed evangelicals, claiming they are disloyal to God and violate the Ten Commandments.

Where do we even start with this knucklehead, Galli ignored the unjust manner Democrats used during the impeachment hearings. He ignored that one witness lied under oath, and he ignored how unfair Republican Congressional leaders were treated by Democrats.

What’s even more appalling is that Galli has no right to judge anyone. A few years ago Galli wrote a biography of Karl Barth who was a neo-orthodox theologian, he believed that Christ did rise from the dead but, eyewitnesses reported inaccurately. Barth was a staunch socialist and approved of Josef Stalin’s mass killings because of his “positive intention.” Barth wrote that you can’t compare Stalin to Hitler because Stalin has good intentions and Hitler was evil.

In the biography that Galli wrote his most scathing comment about Barth was that he seemed “to be naive on this issue.” Really!? Naive? I guess Galli forgot about all the purges, death camps, and re-education camps/prisons Stalin set up.

If Galli is going to cancel out Christians who support President Trump because of his “moral failings.” Then we can cancel out Galli for his moral failings in supporting a theologian that approved of and gave a pass to one of the greatest tyrants in the modern era.

Nobody is perfect and neither is Galli, he needs to take the plank out of his own eye before removing a speck of dust from others.

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