Disney’s ‘Most Magical Holiday’ Event Turns Into A Nightmare

The highly anticipated Disney’s The Santa Clauses’ Winter Wonderland, located on the rooftop of Pier 17 in the South Street Seaport, has received major backlash from disappointed parents who were expecting a magical and unforgettable experience for their children.

Advertisements for the Christmas Village boasted a “magical holiday attraction” with a rooftop skating rink, dining cabins, and a chance to meet Santa Claus. However, parents who paid for tickets, starting at $15 for general admission and $30 for a VIP ticket, were left feeling frustrated and ripped off by what they called a “s*** show.”

Kamilla Cohen, a 30-year-old stay-at-home mom, and her family were among the disappointed attendees. “It was a s*** show,” Cohen stated. “The whole experience was frustrating.” She, along with many other parents, were expecting to see Disney characters and trademark decorations throughout the village. However, they were left disappointed when they didn’t see any sign of Disney inside.

The “tourist trap” also included a winter slide which, according to Cohen, ended up being shut down due to several children getting injured while using it. “It cracked my back so badly,” Cohen said. “I probably need a visit to the chiropractor.” She also claimed that her daughter refused to go on the slide again, indicating that she may have gotten hurt as well. Cohen added, “It’s so unusual for her not to want to go back to a slide.”

Another parent, Jessica Teixeria, wrote in a Google review that it was “the worst money spent in my life!” She went on to say that it was a “tourist trap” and recommended it only for those looking to take Instagram-worthy photos. Teixeria also claimed that the hot chocolate served at the village was “more like warm water with a cocoa flavor” and that Santa never even showed up.

Many other parents echoed the same sentiments, stating that their children got hurt on the slide and the rink was tiny and without ice. One parent, who was there at the same time as Cohen, stated that their daughter “sprained her ankles” on the slide and that “many kids complained that the fall is painful.” They also added that the slide was fast and hard for both adults and children, and they would not recommend letting their kids play on it.

The disappointment didn’t end there, as some parents claimed that Santa never showed up to the village. According to one reviewer, their child was left in tears after waiting in line for a long time, only to be told that Santa wouldn’t be arriving.

Disney’s The Santa Clauses’ Winter Wonderland has yet to make a statement in response to these complaints, but many parents are urging others to avoid this attraction and to save their money for a more enjoyable holiday experience. Based on their experience, it is clear that the Christmas Village is not the magical and unforgettable experience it promised to be.