Daniels Makes Statement Following Verdict

Today, we’re diving into the latest drama involving former President Donald Trump, his legal woes, and a surprising voice in the mix: Stormy Daniels. Buckle up, folks, because this story has more twists than a roller coaster!

Donald Trump, now 77, was found guilty of 34 felony counts for falsifying documents to cover up a hush money payment to silence Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election. While Trump denies any wrongdoing and vows to appeal, Daniels has some advice for Melania Trump: leave him.

Daniels, who claims to have had an affair with Trump a year after he married Melania, believes the former First Lady should pack her bags. “It’s been proven he is abusive,” Daniels stated, adding that Trump “is now a criminal.” Her comments come after Trump revealed on Fox & Friends that the trial has been very hard on Melania.

“I don’t know what their agreement may or may not be, but Melania needs to leave him. Not because of what he did with me or other women but because he is a convicted felon,” Daniels said.

Throughout the seven-week trial, Melania was notably absent, which Daniels speculates was to protect her son from the chaotic courthouse environment. Daniels, in an interview with The Mirror, said Melania should leave not because of Trump’s infidelities but because of his felony conviction.

Daniels didn’t stop there. She questioned why Melania and Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, were not seen in court. She suggested that both women likely prioritized their children’s safety and privacy over supporting Trump in person. As a mother herself, Daniels empathized, saying she would have done the same.

Trump’s trial concluded with a New York jury finding him guilty of 34 felony charges related to a hush-money scheme. This verdict marks the first time a former president or presumptive party nominee has faced such severe legal consequences. Trump, facing possible home confinement or jail time, expressed doubts about the public’s reaction. “I’m not sure the public would stand for it,” he told Fox News.

Melania’s response to the verdict has been guarded. Trump mentioned that she is fine but finds the situation challenging. Despite the legal battles, Trump maintains his innocence, claiming he “did absolutely nothing wrong.” He is set to be sentenced on July 11, just days before the Republican National Convention.

Trump supporters have shown their solidarity by protesting and raising funds. The Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign raised a staggering $70 million in the 48 hours following the verdict. However, concerns about potential violence from Trump supporters have been raised, with some urging calm and lawful responses.

As Trump prepares for his appeal, he continues to attack the legal system and the judge overseeing his trial. He claims the trial was rigged and criticized the denial of his defense’s requests. Trump insists this ordeal is politically motivated, orchestrated by Biden’s administration.