Don’t Believe the Main Stream Press About November…They Are the Idiots Who Said Trump Had No Chance!

The headlines in the liberal mainstream media are inescapable and they want you to panic over them. 

Here are some examples:

CNN: “From a Republican ‘tsunami’ to a ‘puddle’: Why the forecast for November is changing”

The New York Times: “Growing Evidence Against a Republican Wave”

The Washington Post: “Democrats see the once unthinkable: A narrow path to keeping the House”

They make it seem like this is the new “hot take” in the political world and certainly, it must be true if everyone is saying the same thing…

Don’t let the scare tactics of the left make you only see dark skies in the future. These articles, wait, it’s just one article being passed around to everyone, it may look like “expert analysis,” but it really isn’t. They are desperately banking on a collective sense of defeat so that Republicans will just stay home from the polls. 

Why are we so quick to believe the same writers who said that Donald Trump did not have a chance in you know where of becoming president?

These writers do not have the nation’s best interests in mind, they are propelled by a progressive agenda to change America. 

If you look at each race and see where the momentum is, you won’t believe the press’s talking points. 

Don’t let these articles make you forget the dismal approval rating of the president and the record inflation the country is facing. 

Larry O’Conner, a writer for Townhall, says, “If Biden and the Democrats and their failed policies were really so popular, and if abortion was a game-changer issue, and “MAGA REPUBLICANS ARE FASCISTS” was such a winning argument, wouldn’t Democrats be winning by 30 points in Washington and New York?”

He’s absolutely right. Don’t fall for these desperate tactics, the sun will come out tomorrow and the GOP can retake the House in November.