Don’t Believe Trump’s Indictment is Political? Take a Look…

Can anybody still argue that this whole indictment of former President Donald Trump is not politically motivated? 

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has put the nail in the coffin of any possible alternative to that theory. He has reportedly asked Judge Juan Marchan to hold the trial of Trump in January of 2024.

This date also just happens to be right smack dab in the middle of the Republican presidential primary season. This can not be a coincidence. 

Fox News reporter Jake Gibson was in the courtroom for the indictment. He said that prosecutors had specifically asked for the January 2024 trial date. 

Can you think of a more intense time for this trail with the Iowa caucuses, the very first GOP primary, scheduled for February 5, 2024?

The prosecutors must believe that this trial will affect the race for the Republican nomination by distracting the current frontrunner or at the very least they can tarnish him compared to those who are running against him. 

This targeted date by the prosecutors in NYC could also keep Republican voters from having the chance to choose another candidate if the former president is found guilty. It would force there had to vote at the same time that the outcome of the trial was still in question. 

This harkens back to 2020 when Trump was forced to campaign for reelection while his impeachment trial was happening. This scenario was brought on by Democrats and it was ultimately not successful. 

The trial forced some of the Democratic candidates to attend the trial in the Senate instead of campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire. Biden did not hold elected office at the time so he was out on trail. 

The lawyers for Trump want the charges dropped in the case, but they would prefer an earlier trial date if the case continues. They want it out of the way well ahead of the presidential race.