Decades Old San Fran McDonald’s Closes It’s Doors

Hello everyone! What used to be one of the most beautiful places in America has now turned into a crime, drug, and poverty-ridden cesspool, all thanks to the Democrats.

Today, we’re diving into a double dose of closures in the dining world. Two beloved spots in California have shuttered their doors, each with a unique story. This comes after reports of continued rising crime, beaches shutting down due to increased sewage bacteria in the waters, and now even more people fleeing the state…again.

First up, a McDonald’s in San Francisco has closed after more than 30 years. This fast-food spot at the Stonestown Galleria shopping mall was a staple for students from San Francisco State University and the nearby high school. Franchisee Scott Rodrick, who bought the location in 2014, shared that this “long and difficult” decision came down to two main reasons: rent issues and California’s new minimum wage.

Rodrick told the San Francisco Chronicle that high property taxes and tenant fees at the mall made negotiations with the landlord tough. But the new $20 minimum wage for fast-food workers, implemented on April 1, was the final straw. Rodrick described the wage increase as “an extraordinary headwind against operating a successful, family-owned business,” adding that he’s never faced such challenges in his 30 years of franchising in California.

Despite the closure, there’s a silver lining for the employees. Rodrick assured that all staff members were offered jobs at other nearby McDonald’s locations, and most chose to stay with the company.

This McDonald’s isn’t the only casualty of the wage hike. Rubio’s Coastal Grill recently closed 48 locations in California, citing rising business costs and filing for bankruptcy soon after. The new wage law is shaking up the fast-food industry in the state.

Now, let’s head south to Los Angeles, where another iconic eatery has closed its doors. The Snow White Café, a beloved Hollywood institution since 1946, has been gutted, its famous murals painted by Disney artists stripped away. This café, located on Hollywood Boulevard next to the Hollywood Wax Museum, was a favorite among tourists and locals alike, known for its fairytale setting and classic American fare.

The Snow White Café was originally opened by a friend of Walt Disney, who had Disney animators paint scenes from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” on its walls. For decades, it offered a whimsical escape for visitors to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But now, its phone lines are disconnected, its Instagram is down, and only its Facebook page remains, touting its rich history.

The Snow White Café’s closure is part of a growing trend of businesses shutting down in LA. The city has seen a wave of closures, particularly affecting long-standing establishments that have become cultural landmarks.

Both of these closures reflect larger economic pressures facing businesses in California. From rising operational costs to new wage laws, running a business in the Golden State is becoming increasingly challenging.