Dr. Oz Doesn’t Need His Medical License to Diagnose Fetterman’s Weakness

Dr. Oz does not need his medical degree to call out John Fetterman’s obvious illness. The candidate’s health issues are clear to anyone who is watching the senate race that is happening in Pennsylvania.
Fetterman, the Democrat on the ticket has done his best to hide from the public and rely on his fake online bigger-than-life, working man, hoodie-wearing personality. But the truth is that he lives with his parents, ignored his doctors, and is now suffering the effects of a massive stroke.
His big reveal/return after the stroke only lasted 10 minutes and he barely made it through the speech. There were multiple disturbing moments in that appearance.
Fetterman has refused to commit to any debates with Mehmet Oz, the GOP candidate, and former TV doctor. Oz has not been willing to focus on his opponent’s health, but this week that changed.
His campaign put out a statement that called Fetterman’s health out and said if he is “too sick” to debate, he should just say so.


Recently, Fetterman posted a 15-second video on Twitter promoting a crazy “New Jersey” slam on Oz. But could not make it the whole way through his lines without a hard cut in the middle.
Fetterman is not going to debate because he can’t, and this is going to affect the voters.
The race is moving in Oz’s favor and that will increase down the stretch.
If Republicans were smart, they would keep on the offensive and pour more money into Pennsylvania. There is a new Trafalgar poll that has come out showing Oz within striking distance.


Oz can make the ground up if he will keep the pressure on Fetterman and focus on what he is not willing, or able, to do.
This is no time to give in to the gloom and doom from Mitch McConnell, the GOP can win this race and Fetterman is doing what he can to lose it.