Watch: Unrest Sparks Across America After Minnesota Police Shooting, Churches, Private Homes, & Police Targeted

The mainstream media won’t show it and but we will, unrest is breaking out across the country.

Below are two screen shots showing how the news is being “adjusted.”

Far left activists in Portland, Seattle,  and in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota where Duane Wright was shot by police caused unrest. They are also informing members to make sure “acts of material liberation” not be filmed.

Unrest occurred for the second night in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota where the National Guard has been activated.

The Mayor went out wearing a ballistic helmet to meet with “peaceful protestors” however some remained after the imposed curfew. Eventually, the crowd was broken up by police using crowd control munitions for those that caused unrest and violated the curfew.

Unrest also occurred in Seattle.

Things got out of control in Portland after Antifa threw explosives at police at the Kelly Penumbra Police building.

A private residence and churches were targeted by far left activists in Portland.