Durham Derails Schiff Once Again…Watch

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff was removed from the House Intelligence Committee earlier this year by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for repeatedly lying to the American people, but he made an appearance at a House Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday in an effort to smear Special Counsel John Durham.

Let’s just say, Schiff’s efforts were off the mark and he ended up just reinforcing his shifty persona in his altercation with Durham.

SCHIFF: “You also sought to get the Inspector General to change his conclusion…”

DURHAM: “If you wanna go there, we asked the Inspector General to take a look at the intelligence…”

SCHIFF: “You thought it was appropriate for you to intervene…?!”

DURHAM: “[Your] premise isn’t right!”

The exchange continued: “Are you aware, Mr. Durham, that [Robert] Mueller’s and Congressional investigations also revealed that Don Jr. was informed that a Russian official was offering the Trump campaign ‘very high-level and sensitive information” that would be incriminating of Hillary Clinton…?” Schiff asked.

“Sure, people get phone calls all the time from individuals who claim to have information like that,” Durham responded.

“Really? The son of a presidential candidate gets calls all the time from a foreign government offering dirt on their opponent. Is that what you’re saying?” Schiff replied.

“I don’t think this is unique in your experience,” Durham responded.

“So you have other instances of the Russian government offering dirt on a presidential candidate to the presidential candidate’s son. Is that what you’re saying?” Schiff continued.

Durham then asked Schiff to repeat the question, and subsequently responded, “I’m saying that people can make phone calls making claims all the time. Of that, you may have experience.”

“Are you really trying to diminish the significance of what happened here, and the secret meeting that the president’s son set up in Trump Tower receiving that incriminating information?” Schiff pressed.

“I’m not trying to diminish it at all, but I think the more complete story is that they met, it was a ruse, and they didn’t talk about Mrs. Clinton,” Durham stated. “I don’t think that was a well-advised thing to do.”

“Oh, not well advised. That’s the understatement of the year. So you think it’s perfectly appropriate, or maybe just ill-advised, for a presidential campaign to secretly meet with a Russian delegation to get dirt on their opponent?” Schiff asked.

“If you’re asking would I do it, I hope I wouldn’t do it. But it’s not illegal. It was stupid, foolish, ill-advised,” Durham replied.

“Well, it is illegal to conspire to get incriminating opposition research from a hostile government that is of financial value to a campaign. Wouldn’t that violate campaign laws?” Schiff asked.

“I don’t know all those facts to be true,” Durham concluded.