During The Debate Joe Biden Gave An Answer That He Is Going To Regret & There’s No Going Back

Former Vice President Joe Biden fell apart as the debate came to an end when President Trump challenged him on his fracking policy. Joe Biden is going to regret the answer he gave because it probably will cost him Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden was defiant and proclaimed that he never said he would ban fracking. He challenged President Trump to find the tape and put on his website.

The President was true to his word and after the debate posted the video of Biden countlessly saying he would ban fracking.

But it got even worse for Biden as the debate started to wind down.

In the closing arguments of the debate, President Trump pressed Biden on his stance about the fossil fuel industry. When asked if he would end the oil and gas industry Biden said, “Yes.”

His answer even shocked moderator Kristen Welker who followed up and said, “Uh, why would you do that?”

President Trump also hammered Biden on immigration and the fact that it was the Obama administration that built the cages at ICE facilities to house children.

Below is an actual picture of Obama touring the facility.

Biden got so rattled that he checked his watch.

During the discussion about the coronavirus, Biden tried to claim that he never called Trump’s China travel ban xenophobic.
Sorry Joe, the internet never forgets.

It was not a good night for the Biden team who are going to have to do a lot of damage control to do.