E. Jean Carroll’s Lawsuits Against Trump

You can’t make this stuff up, folks. In the latest chapter of the liberal media’s crusade against former President Donald Trump, we have E. Jean Carroll, a woman who has filed not one, but two lawsuits against the man. And get this, the first one resulted in a whopping $5 million judgment against him. But Carroll wasn’t satisfied with just that. Oh no, she had to come back for more.

This time, after Trump called her a “whack job” during a CNN town hall event, Carroll decided to sue him AGAIN. And guess what? She won! Can you believe it? She has now been awarded an outrageous $83 million judgment against the former president. And her reaction to this legal victory is nothing short of unhinged and obsessive.

During an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Carroll vowed to use the money on “something Donald Trump hates.” Can you believe the nerve of this woman? It’s almost as if she’s goading Trump into saying something else so she can file yet another lawsuit. But it gets worse.

In another interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Carroll detailed how she plans to go on a luxurious spending spree with her winnings. Her lawyer even had to come out and say it was all “a joke.” But Ms. Carroll isn’t joking when it comes to her mission to take down Trump. It’s clear that she is completely obsessed with him.

And let’s not forget the hypocrisy here. Carroll is acting like she has financially broken Trump, when in reality the man is worth many times more than the judgment she has been handed. Does she really think this will stop him from winning the White House again in 2024? Please.

But it’s not just Carroll who is celebrating this judgment. The women of The View took a victory lap, as if this will somehow impact Trump’s political future. Talk about wishful thinking.

But in reality, all this does is help Trump. He can use Carroll’s relentless attacks to fuel his base and garner even more support. And let’s be honest, the man doesn’t need to be afraid of someone like Carroll. She may think she’s making a statement, but in reality, she’s just another sideshow in the liberal media’s circus.

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